Indonesia Yacht Charter
Indonesia Yacht Charter

Indonesia Yacht Charter
Indonesia Yacht Charter Indonesia Yacht Charter Indonesia Yacht Charter Indonesia Yacht Charter Indonesia Yacht Charter

Indonesia Yacht Charter - Overview

Indonesia is the world’s largest island archipelago. The 17,000 islands of Indonesia stretch in a vast 5200km crescent shaped sweep from Sumatra in the Indian Ocean to Halmahera in the Pacific. The number of islands that makes up Indonesia almost defies comprehension – if you started visiting Indonesian islands tomorrow at a rate of 1 island each day then it would take you until the year 2056 to get round them all.

the Indonesian landscape is dominated by over 400 volcanoes of which approximately 130 are presently active. Literally thousands of the Indonesian Islands exemplify the perfect uninhabited “castaway island”: tranquil blue ocean, white sandy beaches fringed by palms backed by tropical jungle with a gigantic mountain or volcano reaching to the clouds behind.

The benign climate, superb sailing conditions, more than 10,000 uninhabited islands and the gradually emerging political stability of the area give Indonesia enormous potential for yachting tourism in the future. A great attraction of this vast area is that many of the Indonesian islands are simply unreachable without a private yacht....

Our knowledge of Indonesia

Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago. With around 10,000 uninhabited islands, many parts of Indonesia are exceptionally remote. It is essential, both for your enjoyment and safety that your crew really know the area. Paul Johnson, the captain and owner of SY Asia has a comprehesive knowledge of the regions of Indonesia in which we offer charters. He has written a number of internationally published magazine articles on Indonesia.

Southeast Asia Pilot
Indonesia Mystery Islands by Paul Johnson Asia Pacific Boating  Magazine


When to visit Indonesia


High season. Pleasant SE winds, hot and sunny, cool overnight. Great sailing. Great fishing. Whales. Great surfing conditions to the south.

Effectively closed with rain, strong winds and rough seas.



Indonesia Yacht Charter - Example Itinerary

All of our charters in Indonesia are carefully planned specfically for you using the knowledge and experience we have gained during 12 years of providing luxury charters in South East Asia. Here is an example 7 day charter itinerary for the Komodo region of Indonesia to provide an idea: Indonesia Komodo 7 day example itinerary.

Below are some examples of the activities you can choose to do during your charter in Indonesia.

Indonesia Sailing

The best time for sailing in Indonesia is during the dry season from June to October. This is the Southern hemisphere winter although the temperature at sea level only varies slightly on either side of 28ºC throughout the year. At this time of year the South East trades are well established with dry winds that blow at 15 knots overnight and early morning peaking at 20-25 knots late afternoon. There is a strong regional variation is climate in Indonesia – in general the further south and east you go, the drier it is.

Indonesia Sailing
Indonesia Diving

Indonesia Scuba Diving

While many countries use the rather tired cliché of “the best diving in the world” in their tourist literature, Indonesia can reasonably and quietly lay claim to this title. The “Raja Ampat” National Park in West Papua is considered by Conservation International as having the highest marine diversity on the planet and this view is also supported by National Geographic magazine. Komodo, Sulawesi, Alor, Wetar and the Banda islands are equally spectacular for underwater explorers.

Indonesia’s diving potential has hardly been scratched – there are thousands of offshore reefs, volcanoes, pinnacles and seamounts that have never been dived before. Even experienced divers will find themselves excitedly paging through reference books trying to figure out what they have just seen underwater.

Indonesia Fishing

Sadly many of the more populated parts of Indonesia have been destroyed by dynamite fishing. However, with 17,000 islands spread over such a vast area there are still many parts of Indonesia that have have thriving fish populations and enormous fish.

In this environment is is essential to fish responsibly. We keep small numbers of fish for eating but the majority of fish we catch are returned to the ocean unharmed.

Indonesia Fishing

Indonesia Surfing


Indonesia Surfing

The next landmass south of Indonesia is the Antarctic. From June to September each year huge winter storms thousands of miles away in the Southern Ocean generate enormous swell that breaks on Indonesia’s south and west facing shorelines.
This large swell arriving from almost the opposite direction to the prevailing wind creates magnificent conditions for surfing. The Mentawai islands, Sumatra and the Nusa Tenggara islands of Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa are now famous for their great surfing. Further afield, Doa, Raidjua and Halura are less well known islands that offer world class surfing. As with everywhere else in Indonesia, arriving by yacht allows you to get to places that others can only dream of.


How to get to Indonesia

Scheduled Flights

Indonesia is well linked with a network of domestic and international airports. The primary points of entry are Bali, Jakarta and Manado. Domestic flights within Indonesia are operated by:

Indonesia Flights - Merpati
Indonesia Flights - Garuda
Indonesia flights - Trigana
Trigana Air
Indonesia Flights - Indonesia Air Transport
Indonesian Air Transport
Indonesia Flights - Lion Air
Lion Air


Private Charter Flight

Many of the above commercial flight operators frequently have delays, cancellations or overbook the aircraft. Most domestic flights also only offer tourist class seats.

For reliable, efficient and VIP service within Indonesia it is worth considering a private aircraft charter. This also ensures you fly exactly when you want to instead of lengthy waits at airports.

Please contact us for details and prices.

Indonesia Private Charter Flights


Indonesia Yacht Charter - Additional Information


All visitors to Indonesia require tourist visas. The nationals of 63 countries are granted 30 day visas on arrival. All other nationalities need to apply in advance to an Indonesian Embassy or Consulate.

See the Indonesia Embassy website for detailed information.


Local currency is the Indonesia Rupiah. Approximate exchange rates are:

1 Euro = Indonesian Rupiah 11,700
1 US Dollar = Indian Rupiah 9,000


GMT +8


In Indonesia we highly recommend the Aman Hotels. Please see the Amanresorts website for details and the location of their hotels. If you wish, we can combine your yacht charter with a stay in a tented camp on a remote jungle island, or spoil yourself with a intensive spa therapy in luxurious tropical surroundings.

If you require alternative hotel recommendations in Indonesia then please contact us.

Aman Resorts Hotels in Indonesia

Indonesia Photo Gallery

Click here to view a selection of our own photos taken on charter in Indonesia.

Indonesia Yacht Charter Indonesia Yacht Charter Indonesia Yacht Charter Indonesia Yacht Charter Indonesia Yacht Charter