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Andaman Islands Surfing...

Andaman Islands Surfing with Sailing Yacht ASIA Surfing in the Andaman Islands Surfing Andaman Islands Andaman Islands Surfing Expeditions Surfing holidays in the Andaman Islands, India
Andaman Islands Surfing

Andaman Islands Surfing

Our surfing charters in the Andamans are the ultimate combination of luxury accommodation and untouched natural surrounds. Enjoy a totally flexible cruising itinerary with empty line-ups and a huge variety of waves. Many of the breaks are known only to us.

During March, April and early May, winter storms far away in the southern Indian Ocean create huge swells that that create perfect surf breaks on the west coast of the Andamans. By late April and early May, hurricanes further offshore in the Bay of Bengal throw an enormous swell onto the west coast of the Andaman Islands.

With about 400km of deserted western and southern facing coastline the Andamans has fabulous surfing to rival Indonesia but with no other surfers for literally hundreds of miles. The surfing season is short but spectacular.

All of the surf breaks in the Andaman Islands are offshore in exceptionally remote locations and are impossible to get to without a private yacht.

There's something for everyone at the Andaman Islands. Experienced surfers will enjoy world-class breaks, whilst intermediate and beginner surfers can enjoy long green faces, all to yourselves.

"The glassy, cobalt-blue warm seas surrounding thickly forested tropical islands fringed by endless coral reef passes offering up uncrowded perfection makes the Sailing Yacht Asia surfing adventure in the Andaman Islands one of a kind. To top this off with virtually untapped game fishing with no compare has made this trip one I will draw on forever in the day to day of my 'other life'!" Joe Potter

Andaman Islands Surfing

Andaman Islands Surf Spots

Little Andaman Sandy Point : Left and right breaks depending on the swell direction. The left is particularly good (only kicks in with a southerly swell).

Little Andaman South Bay Long right hander with a South West to West swell direction.

Little Andaman Jackson Creek Left hander with a South West to Westerly swell. Be aware there are lots of salt water crocodiles and sharks in this area - keep a good lookout and have a pickup boat nearby.

Little Andaman North Lots of separate breaks on the edge of reef passes with many interesting lefts. Needs a South West to Westerly swell.

South Sentinel Superb left hander with a moderate to high SW swell.

Rutland South and West Many breaks (both right and left) that provide great surfing with any swell from the South to the North West.

Twin Island Great left hander on a rising mid tide with a SW swell.

Boat Island Long left with a swell from the South West to West.

Flat Island Two peaks and seperate left and right handers.

Andaman Islands Surfing

"This Andamans trip with SY Asia blew away my expectations. The knowledge of the options by the crew ensured the surf quality was maximised across all conditions. This trip truly captures the adventurist waterman spirit!" Cameron Schubert

Our knowledge of the Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands is an exceptionally remote area. It is essential, both for your enjoyment and safety that your crew really know the area. Paul Johnson, the captain and owner of SY Asia has an unrivalled knowledge of the Andaman Islands and has been chartering in this area for the last 18 years. He writes the yacht cruising guide for this area and has written many internationally published magazine articles on the Andaman Islands.

When to visit the Andaman Islands

Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
High season. Pleasant NE winds, hot and sunny, cool overnight. Great sailing. Great fishing. Very hot - no wind. Great diving. Superb surfing. Effectively closed with heavy rain, strong winds, rough seas and hurricanes.
Andaman Islands Surfing
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