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Andaman Islands Yacht Charter Guide...

Chart of the Andaman Islands India (this chart can be downloaded below)

Andaman Islands Yacht Charter Guide

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Satellite Imagery of the Andaman Islands India

Andaman Islands Satellite Imagery

Click on the satellite image for a larger version (this image can be downloaded below)

Andaman Islands Detailed Charts in this Guide

Here is a complete list of the charts in this Andaman Islands Yacht Charter Guide:


Detailed charts and satellite imagery can be downloaded below. These charts are drawn in the same style as Navionics Marine cartography and are intended to be used with Navionics charts to provide greatly improved chart and satellite detail of specific islands. These electronic charts and satellite images are georeferenced so they be used as direct overlays with a range of navigational software such as OpenCPN.

These charts are based on personal observations, recorded depths and classified Indian Navy Charts. While every effort has been taken to ensure the content and accuracy of these charts, no liability is accepted whatsoever for the use of these charts

Andaman Islands Chart MBTILES format Download
Download a georeferenced overview chart of the Andaman Islands.
Andaman Islands Satellite Image MBTILES format Download
Download a georeferenced satellite image of the Andaman Islands.

Andaman Islands (India) Yacht Charter Guide

Andaman Islands Charter Yacht Saiing Yacht ASIA at anchor, South Cinque Island, Andaman Islands

Floating in splendid isolation in the  middle of the  Bay of Bengal are the Andaman Islands. Administered by India,  these  300  or so islands are the  highest peaks  of a submerged mountain range  that stretches from Sumatra in the south  to the Irawaddy delta in the north.

Andaman Islands Yacht Charter - Barren Island Anchorage

The  Andaman Islands have  everything you  could  desire from an adventurous yachting destination. There  are literally hundreds of deserted islands to explore, each one seemingly more spectacular than the last. The beaches are magnificently pristine although sadly,  oceanic plastic rubbish has dramatically increased on beaches in the Andaman Islands over the past few years – mainly arriving from Thailand and Malaysia.

Fabulous anchorages In the Andaman Islands, India

There  is a live volcano, thousands of square miles  of untouched jungle, exotic  and thriving wildlife and primitive hunter-gatherer tribes. The  fishing is amongst the best in the world. Sections of the  Andaman Islands were  declared a World  Heritage Site in 2002.  The Nicobar Islands are closed to all except Indian Nationals. Andaman Islands Game Fishing with Sailing Yacht ASIA

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in the Andaman Islands

The snorkelling and scuba diving are superb with a largely untouched marine ecosystem. The more offshore reefs and islands provide the best scuba diving and snorkeling. Large pelagics such as manta rays, whale sharks and whales are seen regularly. The Andaman Islands also has a substantial population of hawksbill and leatherback turtles which can be seen mating and going onto beaches to lay eggs during January, February and March of each year.

Yacht Charter Andaman Islands - Hawksbill turtle nesting on an Andaman Islands Beach

The best months for scuba diving and snorkelling are March and April which are hot and still with flat seas. The flat conditions result in exceptionally clear water and fabulous underwater visibility that oftern exceeds 40m. These are also the months when migratory whales visit the Andaman Islands.

Andaman Islands Yacht Charter - Scuba diving with whales in the Andaman Islands, India

Snorkelling with manta rays in the Andaman Islands with charter yacht ASIA

Andaman Islands Surfing

The  Andamans is  also  starting  to  develop a  superb reputation as a frontier surfing destination where the reef breaks have never  been surfed before. March and April are the best months for surfing in the Andaman Islands with large swell from the southwest that  gives  spectacular breaks along  the  south and west facing coastlines.

Andaman Islands surfing trips with Sailing Yacht ASIA

Andaman Islands Indian Visas

You will require Indian visas to visit the Andaman Islands. The visa regulations that apply to the Andaman Islands are hopelessly muddled and confused with many Indian embassies issuing contradictory advice. You need to apply a standard "Indian Tourist Visa" to visit the Andaman Islands. You do not require (or want) an Andaman Islands endorsement to your standard Indian visa. This "Andaman Islands Endorsement" was made obsolete over 10 years ago and can be interpreted to restrict your stay in Andaman Islands for 14 days instead of the standard 30 days.

At the end of 2015, Indian regulations have changed, making it (unintentionally) extremely difficult for visitors on yachts to obtain visas. It is now effectively impossible to apply for Indian visas in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia or Vietnam – unless you happen to be a national of one of those countries or you hold a work permit. It is still possible to obtain Indian visas in Myanmar, Cambodia and Brunei but you will frequently find that you are required to fly back to your "home country" in order to obtain a visa to visit India. Plan ahead if you intend to visit the Andaman Islands.

On arrival in the Andaman Islands by yacht you will be issued with a "Restricted Area Permit" by immigration which is basically a list of where you are allowed to go and where you are not allowed to go. This list is very open to interpretation - what it says and what it means are 2 very different things. Here is an up to date list of where you are actually permitted to go: Andaman Islands List of Permitted Islands

Port Blair is the only Port of Entry into the Andaman Islands.

Andaman Islands Entry Procedures

The administration in the Andamans is unbelievably bureaucratic. However onerous this may be, if you  want to go to the Andamans you need to comply with the local rules  and  regulations, even  if they  seem  onerous. If you break  the rules, expect to be fined and deported.

On arrival in Port Blair you will require clearance by immigration, customs, quarantine, coastguard and sometimes the Indian Navy. Clearance can be arranged with Port Control by VHF channel 16 (working channel 12) or by contracting the services of an agent in Port Blair. Using the services of an agent will save days of time and frustration.

On arrival in Port Blair you will need  to provide a written itinerary for your cruise  around the islands detailing each overnight anchorage – so some advance research is a good idea. For a list of the islands you are permitted to visit, see Andaman Islands List of Permitted Islands or simply use the anchorages listed  in this guide.

During your cruise  around the islands you are required to report your position twice daily to Port Blair Port Radio on either  6224kHz or 8294kHz. If you only have VHF you will have  to restrict your  visit to only  Port  Blair  and Havelock Island. Due to recent regulatory changes, it is now illegal to use a satellite phone in India – even in emergency situations.

Andaman Islands Weather and When to Visit

It is essential to be aware  of the weather and the forecast in the  Andamans – this  is especially the  case  if you  are coming from benign Phuket. Weather forecasts are given daily by Port Blair Port Radio  on 6224kHz and 8294kHz at 04:00  GMT and 10:30GMT.

If you  have  Internet access, there  are  excellent regional forecasts at: https://www.weather.gov.sg/weather-marine-surface-wind

Plan to visit the Andamans between December and May. Mid  December to the  end  of February is the  best  time with  warm, sunny  conditions and  a reliable 20 knots  of wind every  day.

Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
High season. Pleasant NE winds, hot and sunny, cool overnight. Great sailing. Great fishing. Very hot - no wind. Great diving. Superb surfing. Effectively closed with heavy rain, strong winds, rough seas and hurricanes.

From May to December the Andamans is effectively closed with strong winds, very rough  sea conditions and near continuous torrential rain. There are hurricanes from May to July and again  from September to December.

Andaman Islands Marine Charts

The best charts of the Andaman Islands are the British Admiralty series (which CMAP and other electronic charts are based on). These charts are based on surverys carried out during the late 1800's with many areas improperly surveryed. These charts need to be used with care, particularly in the many "improperly surveyed" areas. While there are better Indian Navy charts of the Andaman Islands, these are subject to the Indian Official Secrets act and are not for sale.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands were  very hard  hit by the  earthquake that  caused the  Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004.  As a result  of the earthquake, South  and Middle Andaman Islands are  now  2m  lower  than  they  were previously – so the water in these areas is now 2m deeper than charted. Little Andaman is approximately 1.5m shallower than charted.

If you are using a GPS or chartplotter in the Andaman Islands then the WGS84 datum is out by nearly half a mile. You  will need  to apply  a correction of 0.092’S, 0.106’E to make  everything line up.

Environmentally-friendly Yachting in the Andaman Islands

The  Andaman Islands is a unique, pristine wilderness area. Help  preserve it during your  visit  so that  others can enjoy it in the future.

• Do not anchor on coral

• Take your rubbish away with you

• Do not collect any shells or coral from the beaches

• Enjoy  great  fishing but be sensible (keep  only  a few fish that you will eat)

• Stay away from the restricted tribal areas (your germs could wipe an entire tribe out)

Here is a complete list of the charts in this Andaman Islands Yacht Charter Guide:

Home >> Destinations >> Andaman Islands India >> Andaman Islands Yacht Charter Guide

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