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Indonesia Komodo Yacht Charter - Overview

In the Sape Strait that separates the huge islands of Sumbawa and Flores lies the spectacular Komodo National Park. This huge 2200-square kilometers of marine park encompassing 30 islands is one of the oldest National Parks in Southeast Asia dating from a protection order by the Rajah of Bima in 1922. Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Yacht Charter Komodo

Charter Yacht Asia at anchor in Komodo National Park

Access to the Komodo National Park is via two airports: Labuan Bajo on Flores island and Bima on Sumbawa island. These two airports have domestic flight connections to the international airports at Bali and Lombok.

Indonesia Komodo Map

Indonesia Komodo Map

The majority of tourists arriving in Labuan Bajo are backpackers who take budget boat trips to see Komodo National Park. These boats all kindly follow well-worn tourist trails in Komodo National Park The main features of these tours are other tourists and people trying to sell you wooden carvings of Komodo Dragons. The moment you leave this tourist trail by yacht, you are left with a vast expanses of magnificent natural wonderland to explore without ever seeing other tourists. The park is exceptionally well managed and monitored. There are occasional visits by park rangers to ensure you have paid entry fees and to check for illegal poaching. The rangers are very friendly and knowledgeable about the park and the environment.

The privilage and luxury of total seclusion on a private yacht charter in Komodo National Park

The privilage and luxury of total seclusion on a private yacht charter in Komodo National Park

Heading south from Labuan Bajo on the west coast of Flores and the east coast of Rinca Island is predominately high cliffs, riven with deeply indented fjord-like bays. These provide perfectly protected anchorages in all conditions. Outside of the bays, the current runs at fearsome rates, creating standing waves and whirlpools. The bays are protected by soaring rocky headlands riddled with caves. Inside the bays are hundreds of tiny white sand beaches, backed by dry grasslands with fan palms and pandanus rattling in the dry breeze. Overhead an eagle soars looking for fish while on the beaches, Komodo Dragons, wild boar, Macaque monkeys and Timor deer are frequent visitors in the early mornings and the evenings.

One of the best ways of viewing the wildlife in this area is kayaking, which lets you glide along quietly and unnoticed along the edge of a beach that may play host to a myriad of wildlife dramas. There is also superb walking in the area – a guide is mandatory as Komodo Dragons are large,voracious predators. You frequently feel as if you have been dropped into a Jurassic Park film set.

One of the many highlights of a yacht charter in Komodo Naional Park - sighting a large Komodo Dragon in its natural habitat

One of the many highlights of a yacht charter in Komodo Naional Park - sighting a large Komodo Dragon in its natural habitat

At the southern end of Rinca island lies an ancient, flooded volcanic crater that is open to the ocean with the island of Nusa Kode at its centre. Entry to this crater is dramatic with 400 metre high cliffs close at hand on both sides. This is a superb area with a perfectly protected anchorage off the front of a white sand beach frequented by HUGE Komodo Dragons – we have seen several of more than ten feet in length here. This is another superb area for walking and kayaking.

Nusa Kode also has exceptional diving and snorkeling with crystal clear waters and huge numbers of rays – in one dive at Nusa Kode we saw more than 100 blue spotted rays, a large fantailed ray, eight manta rays and an eagle ray.

Sailing west with the prevailing winds, lies Pulau Padar in the channel between Rinca and Komodo. There are a number of idyllic anchorages around this island which has some of the most magnificent white beaches in the National Park. Pulau Padar has particularly good "wall diving" with sheer rock walls falling to immense depths along the shoreline. Drift dives along the coast of Pulau Padar are like exciting roller coaster rides as you are swept past stunning underwater scenery by the strong currents.

Great snorkelling and diving in Komodo National Park

Great snorkelling and diving in Komodo National Park

Another great downwind sail brings you to the southern end of Komodo Island. This part of Komodo is wild and primeval with large swell and enormous rock pinnacles both above and below water. In the middle of the bay is a chain of rocks that is frequented by manta rays, eagle rays and black tip reef sharks.For the more adventurous (and experienced) divers the more offshore rock pinnacles in this area offer the opportunity to get up close and personal with large oceanic sharks.

This southern part of Komodo has bizarre changes in water temperature as the warm waters of the Flores Sea pour south through the Sape Strait and mix with icy upwellings from the depths of the Indian Ocean. These upwellings which originate in Antarctica provide an endless supply of plankton and nutrients to the waters surrounding Komodo. This in turn supports the profusion of marine life in this area. Diving and snorkelling with manta rays at 'Manta Alley', south Komodo

Diving and snorkelling with manta rays at 'Manta Alley', south Komodo

We recommend 4-10 days for a charter in Komodo National Park. Four days is really the absolute minimum duration for a charter in Komodo National Park. A 7 day charter is idyllic to explore Komodo National Park. Ten days or more allow us to spend more time diving, snorkelling and walking in each area or alternatively for the option of combining a visit to Komodo National Park with one of the areas detailed below.

West of Komodo Island is the Labuan Dokoh peninsula. While this is outside of the Komodo National Park, this peninsula is largely unpopulated except for the occasional visiting fishing boat. This headland has around 50 white sand beaches fringed with pristine coral reefs and azure blue waters. The peninsula of Labuan Dokoh is covered with a dry mountain grass that makes walking easy and rewarding with magnificent views across Sape Strait to Komodo and Rinca in the distance.

Luxury charter yacht ASIA anchored off the north coast of Flores

Luxury charter yacht ASIA anchored off the north coast of Flores

North and East of Komodo the coast of northern Flores is spectacularly beautiful with superb beaches, great snorkelling and diving, cultural visits to primitive hill tribes and magnificent volcanoes and mountains.

Primitive hill tribes in the mountains of Flores

Primitive hill tribes in the mountains of Flores

To the south lies the southern coastline of Sumbawa and Sumba which have world class surfing on remote breaks where you are
guaranteed to have waves to yourself.

Expedition surfing trips from Komodo to Sumbawa or Sumba with Sailing Yacht Asia

Expedition surfing trips from Komodo to Sumbawa or Sumba with Sailing Yacht Asia

"This is a fantastic boat. We sailed for four nights around the Komodo national park with four children aged 7-14, and couldn't recommend it more highly. It is such a joy to get so far away from everyone else, and there are wonderful things to see - Joe Cronly"

Our knowledge of Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park covers a suprisingly large area and encompasses over 50 islands. It is essential, both for your enjoyment and safety during your yacht charter in Komodo National Park that your crew really know the area. Paul Johnson, the captain and owner of SY Asia has an unrivalled knowledge of Komodo National Park and has been chartering in this area for the last 18 years. He writes the yacht cruising guide for this area and has written a number internationally published magazine articles on the Komodo National Park..

When to visit Komodo National Park

Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
High season. Pleasant SE winds, hot and sunny, cool overnight.
Great sailing. Great Scuba Diving
Low season - rougher seas and rain squalls

Komodo - Example Itinerary

All of our charters in Komodo National Park are carefully planned specfically for you using the knowledge and experience we have gained during 18 years of operation in this unique area. Here is an example 7 day charter itinerary for a yacht charter in Komodo to provide an idea: Indonesia Komodo National Park 7 day example itinerary
Below are some examples of the activities you can choose to do during your charter in Komodo.

Komodo Sailing

Sailing in Komodo National Park is superb during July, August and September - which is the best time to visit. Expect hot sunny conditions during the day, cooler nights and a steady 15 to 20 knots of wind which provides idyllic sailing conditions.

Komodo Sailing Yacht ASIA

Komodo Sailing Yacht Asia

Komodo Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

Komodo Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

Komodo Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

Scuba diving and snorkelling in Komodo is world class with a wide range of diving conditions to suit all abilities.

The mix of cold ocean currents from Antartica mixing with warm ocean currents from the Pacific create a plankton rich environment that supports incredible marine life including whales, manta rays, eagle rays, dugongs, rays of every description, nudibranchs, octopus, squid, a thriving fish life and fabulous coral gardens.

Komodo Surfing

During August and September, winter storms far away in the southern Indian Ocean create huge swells that that create perfect surf breaks to the south of Komodo - on the islands of Sumbawa and Sumba..

With a charter of more than a week we can combine a visit to Komodo National Park with fabulous surfing on Sumbawa or Sumba where you have a wide choice of perfect lineups all to yourself.

Komodo Surfing Expeditions

Komodo Surfing Expeditions

How to get to Komodo National Park

The town of Labuan Bajo at the western end of Flores provides the easiest access into Komodo National Park. There are several daily flights from Bali (airport code DPS) and Jakarta (airport code CGK) to Labuan Bajo (airport code LBJ).

Bali and Jakarta have excellent onward connections to the regional air transport hubs of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Hong Kong

Komodo Yacht Charter - Additional Information


Most foreign nationals now qualify for a 30 day tourist visa on arrival. This visa is non-extendable. If you plan on staying in Indonesia for more than 30 days you need to obtain a visa in advance from an Indonesian Embassy.


Local currency is the Indonesian Rupiyah. Approximate exchange rates are:
1 Euro = Indonesian Rupiyah 15,800
1 US Dollar = Indonesian Rupiyah 13,500


GMT +8

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